Most of us have even forgotten that such a verse exists in the Bible. We often go about our lives without a slightest knowledge of the power that God has given unto us. The power to call unto Him, when we are in trouble. More so we often either try to deal with situations of our own or resign to our fate that this is how things are going to be. This was exactly the case when Abram told himself that having a child was never going to happen and that the servant born of his own house will inherit everything that he had strived for. As for Sarai, she was even worse. She went ahead to even give her handmaid the Egyptian to Abram to bed and that almost made her  into a miserable woman.

Well, this shows that Abram and Sarai were no different from us. We too are to be blamed for the major causes of issues and problems that we undergo in life. Just like as a child who plays with the fishing net only to realize that he has gotten into it too deeply to be freed out without losing his arm, Up until the time his father steps in to save the child’s hand limiting the cuts to mere bruises.

 We are subjects of the same foolishness and that same foolish independency also saw Sarai almost annihilated by the Egyptian and yet in all her misery she doesn’t seem to take matters to God but to her husband.

Who outrightly remarks that the Egyptian was her maid and that she do what she thinks is well suited to her. Of course, Abram wants to keep the peace of his household and he without an air of concern delivers the handmaid into Sarai’s hands. But our God is just and free from favoritism, and we see later that the Egyptian woman is also blessed. 

The reason we are mentioning these flashbacks with Abram and Sarai, is cause of their attitude to handle things of their own only to find that the things worsen even further than when they had started off. We too, to often try to handle things even without a clue that our Heavenly Father is there to lead and bring us out in whatever entanglement we are in.

We are not talking something out of the blue, but a hard reality. Today we need guidance more than ever, specially the comfort and the surety from the living word. The world has drastically changed and trouble, sorrow, pain and restrictions have become the order of the day. Today, no one can go from one place to another on their freewill. 

There are no more socializing, no more gathering, no friendly visits and no more even attending church. All seemed to have accepted the zoomic conference model to be the way of life and have resigned to live in their concrete self imposed prisons called social distancing. And braving all these when a brethren comes over to greet us, we flee from fear, just like Thomas did when he was called on to be associate of the Messiah.

The reason is that most people go about thinking that they are all here for eternity and that can there be any greater humor than this ignorance. Well we won’t blame them, for this is what the world teaches. But let us see what Jesus, had said; “the greatest thing to do is to love your neighbor as thyself and more so do not forsake fellowship of one and another”

But here we are, people given up everything that made them humans, why? For the simple reason that they doubt. The doubt that Abraham and Sarah had when they were told that the Lord will bless them with a son, the doubt that multitude today have whether they would be protected from the pestilence that is scourging.

 The Bible clearly says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Nothing. So remember, our Lord is Faithful, Just and Powerful to deliver us. Just as He delivered Sarah from the stigma of being called barren and Abraham, from making his servant his heir. God is Good, Always. Amen.