Dinah’s foolishness could have costed Jacob’s life

In Genesis chapter 34, we see how the foolishness of Dinah could have almost annihilated Jacob and his family. Now Dinah does a great blunder by venturing out on her own and more so on a land that she knows nothing about. 

The excuse that she gives is that she would wanted to socialize. Now the much important question to ask here is, why would you want to do that all alone? In times when the sword and warfare dictated the order of day, and showing mercy was considered weakness and here we have Dinah venturing out for socializing. Isn’t that funny? 

Its not Shechem’s fault

Now the prince of the land, Shechem sees her(Dinah) and takes her and lays with her. Now the question comes, why did she not resist? So there is a room to think that Dinah could have also been the reason for Shechem drawing towards her. It is universally known that affluent men always draw attention. More so, women in general gravitate towards them.

Now we are Not trying to judge who is right and who is wrong but the fact that this could have been averted if only Dinah had stayed within the quarters of her safety. Of course, there are those who might say, “what’s wrong in Dinah venturing out?”, to them the only answer is this, “the best way to avoid trouble is to stay away from it”. In fact, this very incident could have ended Jacob’s saga. For given the context of the time, revenge runs even further deeper than it does for men today.

Especially for the act committed by Simeon and Levi, forgiveness would only occur when scores were settled. There has been documented evidences of family feuds were passed on for generations until the perpetrators were avenged. The Old Testament too often mentions the statement, “Blood for Blood”, “an eye for an eye”. So only through divine intervention, Jacob and is household escaped catastrophe.

The Attitude that destroys lives

Today there are countless crimes committed on women, which in fact could be avoided if some care and judgement adopted. Of course, the mainstream medias promulgate and propagate those ill gotten virtues and values that are contradictory to what the Bible teaches, thus putting the lives of scores in danger.

For  when Christians adopt and follow them, they end up like how Dinah ended up. Take for example the lie that mainstream media preaches, “man and woman are same and that a woman can do everything a man can do and go anywhere where a man can go”. This is a direct contradiction to what the Bible teaches. The Bible clearly defines manhood and womanhood and makes a sharp distinction between the two genders right in the very first book, Genesis.

It is imperative to understand when Christians are led astray from the Bible and follow these advices given by the mainstream media, nothing but disaster follows. Please be reminded that the intention of this analysis is not to limit the freedom of Christian woman, but to protect them.

For under the name of freedom one shouldn’t risk their lives and their family’s lives and cause jeopardy to befall on them. For when in trouble no mainstream media would even have the spine to step in or even address the issue. 

Why Dinah never mentioned again ?

After this incident there is no mention of Dinah in the later chapters of the Bible. What had happened to her and why was her name dropped? With some extrapolation it is not hard to cue in what would have happened to her.

The Untold Story

It is imperative to note here that Shechem after defiling Dinah, actually falls for her love. In most cases this is a rarity. For given the lifestyles of the elites, and for a prince to really clave for Dinah, is something of a rarity.

This would only mean that there was some bonding to have taken over between Shechem and Dinah. This isn’t impossible but there is always this element of spark turning into head over heels love affair cannot be ruled out.

So the two are now bonded, and for sure, Dinah would have suggested Shechem to come with his dad to meet with Jacob. Though the relationship did not start off well, yet when two hearts are in love, the only acceptable way to move forward would be to approve the relationship.

 Jacob would have done the same. If not for the stupidity of Simeon and Levi, who tactfully lured Shechem and his father, Hamor with deceit to perform circumcision and upon which they would give in their sister in marriage.

Dinah should have been well aware of this promise that her brothers had made and that could have been the reason that she confidently proposed the suggestion to Shechem to enter Jacob’s domain. But for sure if only Dinah had realized this treachery she would have forewarned Shechem and company.

Jacob was blameless in this massacre

Given Jacob’s reputation, we know that he was never capable of killing anyone. For if he had wanted, the first person who would have fallen by his sword must have been Laban. But Jacob did not do it and choose to endure for 20 years living the life of a slave.

But devious Simeon and Levi lures Shechem and Hamor into their tents and with promises to give Dinah in marriage. Then on, seeking the exact opportunity when Shechem and his men were sore with the wound, Simeon and Levi, enter in a bloody butchery.


When Dinah comes to hear as to what had happened to the man who loved her, for sure would have heart broken and more so could have ended her life too.

The feelings expressed by Jacob who when hearing the slaughter rightly reveals the scenario latent, “you have made me to stink among these people”.