Genesis Chapter 20- “God came to Abimelech in a dream by night and said to him, Behold, thou art but a dead man”

The Dream that saved Abimelech his life, family
and kingdom

Dreams were considered as the pivotal reference point and probably the single most key indicator applied extensively for governance by kings of the ancient days. This probably is the reason, quick decisions were made and disasters were prevented swiftly. 

Today science is providing astounding proofs for the power of dreams propelled from the cortex of the subconscious minds. It would be an understatement to merely term Abimelech as smart, for he had the penultimate virtue of being a great king and that is heed to warning. 

From the minute he realized that he was about to commit the sin of taking another man’s wife and violate her, he backed off by rebuking Sarah for hiding the fact that she was married and belonged to Abraham.

For Abimelech knew this golden rule that losing one’s kingdom for the sake of Sarah was just not worth it. More so, Abimelech knew that by this act he would be sinning against God, which would only mean that he is signing his own destruction. 

 Abimelech’s intelligence and understanding saved him his kingdom and concurrently won him God’s favor. His household multiplied and they were prosperous. 

Now there is a vital lesson that every man child should learn from here. Which is, never cast thine eyes on another man’s wife. The consequence is disastrous, for God hates this deed from the core kernel. 

But today, this wretched deed under the name of civilization is encouraged and portrayed as true liberty and democracy by the main stream media. Thus, leading many astray and directly to burning hell.

The best illustration to achieve better understanding would be to study the case of David, the chosen one, the fate that he suffered. All because he had committed the sin that Abimelech was wise enough to avoid. 

This goes to show that God shows no favor to anyone who commits this dreadful sin and also mercy to those who keep His commandments. As Christians we ought to stay eternally vigilant and on guard. 

Of course, according to the world, it is okay for a man to go with the other man’s wife. But the Bible warns us the consequences of such an act. Why bother to suffer when our eternal Father has given us countless blessings and hope of a life greater and beyond.