Jacob and Esau reconcile- forgiveness is better than bitterness

The Genesis chapter 33 sets the standard for reconciliation among brothers. Of course, the human heart cannot forgive, but Christians are not mere humans they are washed by the Blood of the Jesus and sanctified and liberated from life wasting emotions that mortals a submit their lives to. It is often said when you don’t forgive a brethren for his folly against you, you tend to live in the past and that would only mean you are destroying your present and when your present is destroyed you have no future.

 This is also true for any relationship, be it among friends, families or nations. Do you know how many nations live tin their past destroying any future prospects of growth arising out of peaceful coexistence?

This one Attitude does more harm

The attitude, “ you did this to me” and “I will only rest until I have done this to you”, in brevity they want revenge and as it is said, “when you go out seeking revenge, you better dig two graves” . It is said, for 6000 years of recorded history there had just been 30 years without conflicts and war. Yes, hard to believe but that is the fact.

Don't destroy your future

Everybody thinks and acts as if this world is a permanent place and go about destroying their present based on the past that they had experienced. Jacob and Esau, did the same.

Their valuable youth was wasted thinking about how one would get at the other. Youth is the most precious time where bonds of brotherly love is sowed, developed, and nurtured. But the two ran in two different directions one fearing the other while the other swearing for revenge.

“Did they achieve anything in their lives” for sure No. Jacob spent 20 years of his valuable youthful days serving his wretched uncle Laban who changed his wages 10 times and then on marries the girl whom he never loved, Leah, and he ought to put up with her all his life.

Just imagine you are with a woman whose father has deceitfully given her in marriage to you, and yet you have no say. Now how would that feel? We are not blaming Leah for Laban, just that Jacob was deceived multiple times. More so in the later years, because of the baggage he carried through Leah, Jacob was forced to face dreadful troubles because of the issues born out of Leah.

 Now all of these could have been avoided if only Jacob would have thought for a minute and had refrained from listening to his mother , Rebekah. In fact, Rebekah’s tact to avenge Esau was a pivotal component for the troubles that both Esau and Jacob, faced.

But they should have spotted it, but apparently they required decades even to realize their folly and the true value of brotherhood and head for reunion before it was too late.

Jesus taught us this

Jacob knew his folly and to be a man free from the sin of his past, the one main thing he ought to do, is to seek forgiveness from his own brother.

Jesus says,” how could you love your Lord, who is unseen, when you hateth thine own brother whom you see” This is so true and a heart slicing sermon.

Clearly Jacob makes his mind finally realizing his wrongful doing and the penalty he had paid because of his folly. It is said the greatest teacher to every individual is, “Experience “ For there can be no better way than to learn and appreciate the things that we have than from the lesson we learned from the teacher called “Experience”


Forgiveness is the best cure.