Know when to Leave

If there be one thing that Genesis chapter 30 tells us then it is this instruction, “Know when to leave”

This one intelligence can make the difference between living a life of abundance or perishing in poverty. But truth be told, most are not even aware of this intelligence and its importance. In fact, this very intelligence can be applied in most walks of our lives and more so in relationships and in business.

Many business empires could have been saved had they known when to call quits. While many put up with toxic relationships that they should have walked away from yet endure on spending their lives in a living mess.

It has been found that the major reasons for sicknesses among men has been found to be stress. Stress largely caused due to relationship mismatches. Imagine you have partner who has  been dealing with you unfairly, not once, not twice but ten times, and you have this skin to bear this long, only goes to show that there is something gruesomely wrong with you.

 Cases like these are not isolated but too often repeat on and on and on. The only difference here is that it was measured out to Jacob by his uncle, Laban. While in individual’s life, the perpetrator can be anyone and anywhere from.

It was for Jacob’s lineage that saved him. For, if not for God, the Almighty steeping in, for sure, Jacob would have become an emotionally retarded man. For he was wronged by his won uncle, 10 times. Of course this is the known story, for there is this unseen part, where Laban deceived Jacob even in his marriage.

Now imagine, 10 times you get your wages changed by your employer and how would you feel about it. Jacob’s wages were changed and Jacob endures it. The scenario is no different today. Even today, people put up with unfair employers all their life time, all because they were brain washed into believing that they wouldn’t be able to survive if not for the employer. 

By all means, Laban’s nightly talk would have convinced Jacob, that Laban’s house is the only place of shelter for him and if he ever were to leave that comfort zone, he would perish. This is exactly what is happening to scores of millions. 

Young people who have the strength, the vitality often spend their lives serving one single employer only to be told that they wouldn’t be able to make it without the employer and that they would have to comply and listen, obey and abide, follow and never question, whatever mess that is thrown upon them.

Wasting 20 years of one's life is no joke

Imagine, 20 years of vital time being spent working for a devious man who shows no respect, no care, no concern to his employee, though the perpetrator being his own (Jacob) family. 

In fact, Jacob would have happily lived and died under the bondage slavery orchestrated by Laban and his sons, if not for the supernatural intervention. We might question ourselves, how much foolish can Jacob be, for having experienced the dread of Laban and yet holding on to him for 20 years.

 But wait, Jacob is just the exact reflection of each one of his, who are doing the same old job that we hate, day in and day out, suffering humiliation, poverty and back breaking toil, without doing nothing about it.

Even though Jacob had every strength and power deep within him to the master his own destiny, yet he never woke up from his slumber. He was very contended as long as he could see, Rachel. If we were to strike a contrast with Abraham  who ventured out boldly and steeped out of his comfort zone all on faith and carved a dynasty for him, would clearly ascertain the fact that fortune and goodwill only favors the brave.

So the Advice to young people

Know when to leave. Just remember, life even in the longest run is short, and you just have so much time left to explore, flourish and see the goodness of the world. Of course, there is nothing wrong in joining the circle of employment, but just make sure you are not running in circles with every single year passing. 

Just remember, you are not getting younger again and every individual only as a set number of years to plant and harvest. I you were planting and harvesting for someone’s gain, then you would merely be left with crumbs to feed on.

Life ought to be lived in abundance. Look at the possession that Jacob finally accumulated. Cattles, goats, ewes, camels, so much so that in one narration, when Jacob moved, it appeared as a ocean of live stocks flowing.

Of course the world preaches “self content” and minimalism. The Bible advices us, to be in the world but never be part of it. Now go now and use your talents.