The mistake that Judah committed

Now there are some key points in Genesis chapter 38 that men should learn from. Now it came to pass that in the process of time that Judah’s wife passes away and that Judah takes it on and drifts into a state of self-imposed isolation. For he loved his wife and found it hard to cope with life in her absence. Well, the feelings of Judah for his wife is well understood but as a man there are a lot of things that control his body physiology. More so the well being of one’s body dictates the well being of the man as a whole. But most men never understand this

Man is a Complex creation

Man is a complex creation and for his body to function at optimal level sex is imperative and indispensable. However, the society in a bid to control men has heaped up restriction after restriction. Condemning any behavior that a man carries out in a bid to satiate his sexual desires.

What is wrong if a man quenches his desire for sex?

Having sex as for a man is concerned is like existing. Religion and religious movements often talks about celibacy and associates celibacy with holiness. SO the much important question to ask here is this, when you are born in flesh and flood, with urges and needs, then how would it be possible for your to attempt  something which is in the immortality realm?

No body wants to address these issues and just in case when a man goes in choosing a woman after the demise of his wife, the society is too quick to condemn him and term him a pervert. Well, to tell the truth, when you are hungry, it is your own hands that will feed you and not the hands of your neighbor.

No one is going to warm your bed

In other words, when your bed is cold, and you need the cover of warmness, then it is company of woman that would save you. Judah, ignored this vital knowledge and hence though his body needed a woman, he endured under the pretext of being committed to his bygone wife. But the point here is what good would it do to you, Judah? By going to bed with unquenched desire, Judah was walking over a land filled with landmine. At one point when his urge was too high, Judah slips and falls into a valley of no return.

When Tamar, Judah’s daughter in law, lures him, he blindly walks into the trap to sin. When you have eaten well in your own home, there wouldn’t be any need for you  to dine out. But Judah never thought that his own daughter in law would cause him to sin. When the urges of flesh is not quenched, the likelihood of committing something severe is even more likely. For man is weak in flesh and more so at most times, his testosterone dictates his action and deeds.

Lessons to be learned

The Bible teaches countless lessons for everyone and for every possible situation imaginable. Now from this chapter the much important lesson to be learned is this, Don’t be alone. Especially when you were used to sleeping with a woman, and suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances that woman departs or leaves you, as a man you don’t have to cloak yourself with sack cloth for the rest of your life. If you were to do that, then one of the two things would happen. Either your health would deteriorate or you would end up like Judah.

Choose the most important fellowship

As a man your biological needs are much greater than the needs of playing sane for society’s sake. It is important to understand that all of the so called holiness, purity and so on are rules established by the society.

Up until Genesis 38, there is no mention of holiness being connected with any man. For the simple reason that flesh is weak and the Creator never intended to deprive man the privilege of companionship.

More so, taking a woman to wife when your own has left you is not a sin condemnable by damnation. However, many men suffer in solitude and from the fear of the society especially when it comes to choosing a woman after their wives had left or demised.

Life needn’t be so complex and you don’t have to live a life of fear and condemnation from the society. Society is created by a set of people whose objectives were to rule by control.

The Bible nowhere tells or reprimands a man for taking a woman to wife when his own had gone missing.

If only Judah had taken a woman in the place of his departed wife, he would have not fallen into the act of committing the wretched sin.