What is my IP, is one of the most asked question in Google, and everyday it is asked about 4 million times. Well for those of us who are new to the technology front, let me give here a brief understanding to the term IP or IP address. IP or IP address is the short form for Internet Protocol Address. This is a numerical representation  (Address) of any device that uses internet for its functionality. The IP address is so important that without it, no device can exist in the internet world.

Since computers don’t understand the language of humans, they interact with one another with this address. The address can be to the maximum of 15 digits long, and it is comprised of digits between 0-9.  There are two main technology in IP address. One is IPV4 and IPV6. The V4 means Version 4 technology and V6 means Version 6 technology. Having said that, the length of your device IP will depend on your service provider and that means, it is not a must that the length should be 15.

How Does IP work?

How does IP work: when you enter the choice of your website (say, www.bibleaxis.com) on to your browser, your browser will instantly look for the IP address associated with www.bibleaxis.com, and then go on to that address and bring out the content that you want. It can be the choicest stories that you liked, or an interesting post, or even life examples for encouragement, everything that you had desired for is now available to you.

But there is just one catch, the IP that you are looking for should be a valid IP address. Now this is important, most times if the IP that you are heading to is blacklisted, then there is a likelihood that the infected IP that you had visited would have left an infection trace on your device. This is very sensitive in the day we live in for most commerce is done via online. 

And if that happens, your credibility gets destroyed and any communication arising from your device wouldn’t be trusted. You might be wondering why on earth are we talking about IP and what relevance has it got with the Bible and Christian life. 

Well, whether you like it or not, everything in life produces a domino effect. Just as a visit to a bad IP tarnishes the credibility of the device, likewise, our association leaves a lasting impact on our lives. In other words it can either build our life or tarnishes it forever.

It is thus important to understand that where we are in life presently is the sum result of the acquaintances that we have had in our lives. As Christians we are supposed to live a life of abundance, but are we living the life that Jesus had assured, promised and gave unto us? 

Why Most Christians are Poor

Most Christians are not even aware of the term opulence and you ever were to spill some beans of goodness in the conversation, they would even get offended. For according to them, opulence should never be found in a Christian life. And that a Christian should live in want and in need.

I wouldn’t blame them for that, for it is actually the philosophy that their acquaintances have bestowed them with and a slight introspection would reveal the cause to you. In all of the cases it would be the direct result of the companions that they have with them, the addresses that they head to on weekends, and the buddies that they spend time with on public holidays. All of these visits have left them with so much negativity that even when hope walks in with an opportunity, they would shun it with all out “No”     

Jesus said, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” John 10:10