And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:

When was the last time we believed in this verse? A closer introspection would reveal our shortcomings and our blatant rebellious inner self that more too often fails to  focus on the things that are utmost priority and as a result we need up going in circles.

 It is imperative to understand that Faith is the integral part of life and without Faith there is no Hope and without Hope, time is spent in abject boredom and slumber. For the simple reason that we wake up everyday with a hope of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow to be in a land that is filled with milk and honey. 

We are children of the most High, and the promises of God are for us to hold on and work for. Of course action also has a part in it. Abraham is called the man of faith, not because he hoped and sat, but he hoped and worked towards making a great nation. For when God told him to move his household, he never thought for a second and obeyed. And that essence of his inner characteristics he retained all through. 

For that same reason he never panicked or bickered or even besieged with supplications or request to spare his son. Instead he knew for well that God is leading him into this for the simple reason to teach him (Abraham) that he shouldn’t make his son his idol. But to stand firm and instruct him in the way of the Lord. 

Now if we were to strike a parallel to the things of today, we would clearly understand that to most parents their children have become their core central foci. And because of this all that they see is their children. Loving one’s son is good but the love shouldn’t be falling into the jar of hysteric lunacy.

 When this happens, parents almost are at the mercy of their children and instead of instructing in the way of the Lord, they get groomed in the way of their children. And the consequences of such acts is worse than words can explain. 

When time dawns and realization sets in, that is when parents realize their folly but up at that time nothing can be done, except to fall and blame one’s foolishness. 

But Abraham was wise in every sphere. For he never even told this to Sarah, for he was aware of her near sightedness. This is one of the important lessons that brothers should learn. Never let anything, object or person get between you and the Lord. 

When that happens, the things that is held in that esteem will become your very own adversary. And on that day, no amount of cries for help would reach tree tops leave alone heaven.

Next, we should learn to wait on the Lord. To stand still and know how good the Lord is, know that the Lord is merciful and just to deliver us from the predicament that we are going through, and to know that whatever be our needs and wants, our Lord will provide us in due time. 

But most times we don’t get the importance of this verse. We keep jumping from place to place, city to city, job to jobs, thinking that the right thing would come by.

But to tell the truth, 98% of the people waste 99% of their time in pursuing things which is never a best fit for them. For the simple reason that they never believe that the Lord will provide. Thus they end up spending their vital energy, time, and resources only to later find out that they never really got started. When this realization comes in, the last grain of the sand of time has already slipped off their hour glass. 

This means never get restless or emotional of one’s current state, Be it trouble, job layoffs, or relationship issues. Stay still, pray and wait (SPW) for guidance. It is said when chaos strikes, a stable mind will merely shrug it off and walk past.

But those who never have trained themselves in acquiring stillness will promptly jump into a pit of cobras thinking it to be wisest choice. Of course it appears to be the wisest choice for that instant of time when the person is translating from the point of chaos to the cobra pit. But when reality strikes, then the realization speaks, “I only wish, I had stood still”. We ought to remember this, our Lord will provide.