Why must a man should only choose a good woman?

Today there is a huge confusion in understanding the meaning of the term, “good woman” The Bible clearly defines this and more so goes beyond in striking a relationship between good and virtue. 

In other words we get a well defined relationship meaning which is, “if a woman is virtuous, she is good and vice versa” Now, we will not go in detail as to defining a good woman which of course is not the objective of this post. But what we will do here is to render some assistance to the men folk as to seeking a good woman should be the utmost objective of men.

It is important to understand that life constitutes of valleys and peaks. At times you are high and at times you will hit rock bottom. Now the challenge comes when you hit rock bottom. As a man, there this element called Ego that will direct him. 

Of course, the modern world calls it with a new and refined word, “honor” while subsequently portraying “honor” to be an asset of the royalties and “ego” a loathsome asset of the peasants. Now we are not here to determine which term one ought to use for both means the same from the men’s perspective.

 Having got that out, the point we are trying to make here is this, this sacred unseen entity that every man holds deep in the bottom chambers of his heart when it gets bruised either contributes to a man success or to his annihilation. 

In most cases it is the later that predominantly results, for the former to happen a man ought to be intrinsically motivate himself to raise his standards and scale to the point where he reclaims his lost honor. However, for that to happen he should receive the triggers from external force.

This is where the company of a good woman comes in. now if its difficult for you to even imagine as to where such situations can arise or occur, let us help you with an illustration. 

Take note of top athletes in sports. When all of the things are going well for them, they are unstoppable. But the minute they hit the wall, a gruesome failure or even a single defeat at the ring, the chances of them coming back and regaining their honor is 1:10000. 

In other words, they would never make it. That does not mean, there aren’t any examples of those who made a come back, but on the whole the majority of the 98% wouldn’t return. For the simple reason that they just don’t have a woman who is capable of providing that trigger to stir up the inner potential latent within. 

You might ask us, is it not the wives of these prominent athletes good? Of course they are good, but the in what aspect? A casual perusal would reveal to you that most of the wives of prominent athletes walk in air. And when the inevitable occurs, they crumble like egg shells.

But a woman of goodness will never allow temporary failures to be accepted as life long defeat. She is well aware that for the graph to rise up, it has to hit the valley. More so the real growth takes place only in the valley.

But this hidden truth is kept shielded away from all those who live the life that the world dictates and approves off. Their mind is never conditioned to take a single slip in their career. And when that happens, they shun all contacts with the outside world, take on drugs and alcohol and eventually their partner sues them to consolidate whatever remains of them.

As an exponential decay  graph dwindles  to x-axis, eventually these once star studded elites too bite the dust with no one to care for. Please remember we are not talking through our hat, please do a search on elite athletes and famous stars who have met the fate that has been described above. 

So as the saying goes, in order to prevent history from repeating itself, just don’t repeat the historical feats of those who suffered the consequences. In other words, when you are choosing a woman for companionship/wife, use the principles laid out in the Bible. 

When you do that, no valley would be too wide to hold you down.