“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)

We live in the world that only knows about technology and crave for more technology by the day not realizing the fact that all of the technologies that we see and use uses nothing new but merely the ones that are already existing. Take for example the oldest technology that took the world in the 19th century, the Radio. 

The Radio functioned on radio waves, but did the Radio create the radio waves? No. To listen to the station of your choice, all you needed to do is to get your Tuning correct, and then the music came in. Even a slightest deviation in the tuning will cause noise and this is unbearable to the ear and thus every effort was made by the listener to get it correct. 

Do you know how Smart Phones work?

Now take the smart phone and do you know how do they work? In nature, smartphones are mini radios that send and receive signals. Their networks are separated into different cells, and thus the name, Cellphone. In other words, like the Radios. Now do you know from where these radio waves come from? They are Naturally occurring and emitted by lightning and astronomical objects, and are part of the blackbody radiation emitted by all warm objects, meaning we too generate radio waves.

We are not aware of our True Powers

More so, we have the ability to communicate without speech to anybody who is in tune with us. More so, we have the ability to communicate with our Creator through His son, Jesus. 

But apparently how many of us are Not aware of this fact? We are so much involved in the physical appearances and the surface level attributes of the things that we totally ignore the scene behind the stage. 

Plato once said, “know thyself”, now what does this mean? Meaning, know what you are capable of doing and obtaining and achieving? But the majority are not even aware of their true potential and simply follow the herd into dire calamity ridden situations.

There are higher powers in play

It is important for every individual to realize that there are higher powers in play and just because we do not see them it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. No one has seen radio waves except when they are performing an action, yet in the world today, if radio waves aren’t there, the world would return to stone age and the only games people would be playing is using sticks and stones.

Why pestilence devour the land?

We are not alone on this earth, just understand that. There are fallen angels which the world fancifully calls as “Aliens”, who are all the time wanting to gain control of this beautiful earth. These fallen angels have their own agenda, and that agenda is to enslave human spirit and to tarnish the created image, “man”. We will talk in detail about the various agendas of these fallen angels in a later topic but as of now let us proceed with this post’s objective.

 Now, throughout history, civilizations were destroyed overnight and their lands gone to waste. One of the waves by which it is done is through pestilence. Now, land is the utmost possession of man required for his and his generation’s sustenance. When this land loses its ability to produce, one wasted season is enough to wipe out a whole village|town|city. 

This is exactly what the fallen angels are doing. They hurl a pestilence on a village and see it destroy while making merry with the destruction while the village and its people are wondering what is going on? Now you might say, what? In this day and age do we really have villages that get destroyed?

 Well, well, well, just because technology has advanced, crops cannot be grown in labs to feed the billions. In other words, if you want to enjoy a good taste of an apple or a pine, it ought to come from the ground and that is final. 

Of course, there are plenty of things that chemistry can make artificially but never the real ones. Now when pestilence [crop disease]hits the farm, there is literally no remedy at all. Farmers resolve to burning the infected parts of the field thinking that it would solve their issues only to end up burning their entire farm. This is literally happening.

Why they don't see this?

But the most important point is that the farmers aren’t able to see that the problem is Not solved by burning their fields but by going on their knees and fine tuning their frequency so that their prayers reach the Creator. 

This is not a difficult task but negligent. Negligent to the truth to realize one’s own potential and what that potential is capable of achieving when used in the correct manner. This is the same negligence that is causing billions to live is poverty, shame and hate. The same negligence which is causing 80% of the population to return to their beds without a meal.

This is Not an Isolated scenario but there Scenarios unfolding -just get that

Now the scenario that we are talking here is not restricted to farmlands and crops but to the existence of whole humanity. No matter how advanced humans get or become, they still ought to breathe and eat and submit themselves to the call of nature. 

Of course we can boast of dolls called robots, but when hunger strikes, it is always a sumptuous meal that our heart desires. And to enjoy the sumptuous meal, we must be healthy and wise, and to be that, we ought to humble ourselves on our knees and seek our Creator.