And when she had done giving him drink, she said, I will draw water for thy camels also, until they have done drinking. Genesis 24:19

Now we all have heard the story of how Abraham selected a bride for his son, Isaac through his servant. Now to even briefly imagine as to what moved Abraham to even think that his eldest servant of his household would be in all wisdom to make the right selection is within itself a marvel that is beyond the reach of normal minds.

However, with some introspective thinking, being a long serving servant, for sure there were countless opportunities for  Abraham to examine and validate the performance of this servant and in all these tests, the servant’s action would have stood as lasting testimony, testifying his conduct.

Such scenarios aren’t difficult to visualize today. For even in fortune 500 companies, there are servants who had started their journey from the birth of the company and in fact are even more powerful and influential in their say with the Bosses than their own heirs. Going further, at times, the power vested in these servants are so much that even the boss’s own sons and daughters would have to wait for an appointment whilst these servants always had a thoroughfare. 

The point is, for those of us who are questioning the sound judgement of Abraham for entrusting his eldest servant with the task of finding a wife for his son, the reasoning should just be this, “Trust”. This single virtue, trust, which is beyond the price that rubies, pearls or monies could pay, and which is the credit that the eldest servant of Abraham’s house barters to conduct his business. Which in fact is actually the pivotal reason for Abraham’s choice in assigning this all-important job to his eldest servant.

More so, we later find how the judgment of Abraham was correct to a jot. In the interest of addressing the objective of this post, we wouldn’t be dealing much about this further but the essence of servant’s wisdom to make the right choice.

Now to the much important question, what really made the eldest servant to select Rebekah? Though the question appears to be a mystery, yet it can be easily understood from the conversation that the servant had during his prayer.

In his prayer the eldest servant decides a test for the potential bride. The test has nothing to do with English or Science, but with the ability of the bride to possess a strong mind in her beautiful body.

If you were to closely examine, the test challenge placed before the damsel was both thoughtful and intellectually challenging. For the servant was looking not for a girl of rich and royal heritage but a girl of knowledge, beauty and virtue.

For where there is virtue there is patience and where there is patience, courage abounds, and where there is courage, there is knowledge.

 In brevity the servant was looking for the person who would go the extra mile. Let us go back to the story. Now after journeying miles in the heat of the desert to reach the city of Nahor, the servant and the entourage were for sure tongue tired. 

Thirst was killing them all, though they reached the well that belonged to Bethuel, yet they couldn’t take a sip from it. For the simple reason that they needed a rope and a trough to fetch water and pour it in. 

At most times, though they might have a rope but the wells in deserts run serval meters deep and if one were to contemplate and carry the rope, then all that they could and would carry would be the rope to draw water. But the entourage was on a bride selection mission for their master Abraham, who was an uncrowned king at that time. That means, more jewels, more precious spices and more gifts. Where is the room for such long ropes and troughs to house?

So the it is neither feasible nor doable and more so given the arduous journey that they have undertaken. Now coming back to the well where the servant and those who had accompanied him alighted, hope glimmered, for they say daughters of men arrive to fetch water for their sheep.

Now, the eldest servant wasting no time quickly spots the fairest of all, and requests her to give him water to drink. However, we all know the earlier supplication of the servant to the Lord, and that only the girl who willingly offers him water will be included in the potential selection list and not that alone, the potentially bride ought to go further in volunteering herself to watering the camels. A huge task, in fact the benchmark was deliberately set high for weeding out the weak. 

But why did the servant choose such a challenge, why did the servant place this herculean demand for the potential bride? The answer is simple, for one to be the wife of Isaac and bear the responsibility of Abraham’s household is no walk in the park. Given the magnitude of wealth that Abraham had built up and the stature and reputation that he enjoyed. 

In fact any other test would have brought in a weasel or a mongrel that would have wrecked Abraham’s household and reputation. And what happens when honor departs ?We have know the fall of households and royal palaces which had made the erroneous slur of choosing those who are not more fit to be a milkmaid but made them to be brides, only to see their reputation and honor vanish as dirt. 

The eldest servant was aware of this, and he knew he had to do everything in his power to ensure only the best enters in. Meaning, only those who are strong in body and mind, one who has virtue and patience, would be able to sustain and grow in Abraham household, and those who are faint at heart, body and mind, would merely be a mortal waste to the household. In other words, the servant was looking for the girl who would go that extra mile. 

Rebekah, did exactly the same, after giving water to the servant and his entourage, she offered to provide water to those 10 camels. You ought note a vital point here, one camel after a run in the desert would drink sufficient water that is enough to quench 100 people. Knowing this well, Rebekah, offered to perform the unthinkable.

 For sure she knew that it isn’t going to be easy and that she isn’t going to be getting anything in return as reward. But the only thing she would walk away from this would be the satisfaction that she had served somebody and saved them from becoming a victim to the scourge of the desert. This is how great people think and act. They don’t go out looking for honor, neither do they train night and day to act and deceive the multitude. Their nature is pure and true and their will to serve is nobility among all. This is the clear portrayal of Rebekah’s attitude and deed.

As for conclusion, it is this single most attitude that separates the wheat from the chaff. It doesn’t matter whether we are rewarded for going the extra mile or not, just go, and the reward would follow. Rebekah did exactly the same and her reward, to be crowned a queen of Abraham’s household